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We also offer ready-made companies for purchase. Ready-made companies are already founded companies without any accounting history. All the companies we offer have full paid up registered capital and we guarantee zero liabilities and indebtness via our member of the statutory body, who is a lawyer registered in Czech Bar Association. The main advantage of buying a ready-made company is the opportunity to represent the company immediately after signing the transfer documents.

Ready made offer

NameID numberFoundationRegistered capitalNumber of directorsNumber of shareholdersVATPrice
Ponenturia s.r.o.0896035618.02.2020 12000 CZK2 1 Ne 11 990 CZKORDER
Monphesis s.r.o.0896197218.02.2020 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 11 990 CZKORDER
AllPro Management Company s.r.o.0896179418.02.2020 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 11 990 CZKORDER
Magnus Project Company s.r.o.0896052618.02.2020 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 11 990 CZKORDER
Riempimento s. r. o. 0845740928.08.2019 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 12 990 CZKORDER
Farciminis s. r. o.0845629128.08.2019 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 12 990 CZKORDER
CJR Resource Management s. r. o.0876332111.12.2019 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 12 990 CZKORDER
Timberplex Solutions s. r. o. 0876359311.12.2019 12000 CZK2 1 Ne 12 990 CZKORDER
MarbLightning s.r.o.0722446019.06.2018 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 14 990 CZKORDER
Grizzlimited s.r.o.0722459119.06.2018 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 14 990 CZKORDER
Bez závazků s. r. o.0767638728.11.2018 12000 CZK2 1 Ne 14 990 CZKORDER
Ameboid s. r. o.0767688328.11.2018 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 14 990 CZKORDER
Escagale CZ s. r. o.065 88 45008.11.2017 12000 CZK2 1 Ne 16 990 CZKORDER
Dumont Loyer Group s. r. o.0720230011.06.2018 100000 CZK1 1 Ne 16 990 CZKORDER
Thunder Cloud s. r. o.0720219911.06.2018 100000 CZK2 2 Ne 17 990 CZKORDER
LEGAL OFFICE sever s.r.o. 0542406226.09.2016 12000 CZK2 1 Ne 19 990 CZKORDER
Enprimery s. r. o.0556017914.11.2016 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 19 990 CZKORDER
Bulsador Company s.r.o.0456794318.11.2015 12000 CZK1 1 Ne 21 990 CZKORDER
Norax Trade s.r.o.035 31 13930.10.2014 12000 CZK1 2 Ne 24 990 CZKORDER
GRACETA s.r.o.036 66 15822.12.2014 12000 CZK1 2 Ne 24 990 CZKORDER
Ganting Company s.r.o.0538460512.09.2016 15000 CZK1 1 Ne 27 990 CZKORDER
LFD Trading s.r.o. 0538474512.09.2016 15000 CZK1 1 Ne 27 990 CZKORDER
ARBITRATION CENTER s.r.o. 2908723616.11.2009 200000 CZK2 1 Ne 34 990 CZKORDER
Alrentur a.s.0871527125.11.2019 2000000 CZK0 0 Ne 44 990 CZKORDER
RPP Administration a. s.0737560316.08.2018 2000000 CZK1 1 Ne 48 990 CZKORDER
AMK Organization a. s.0738351721.08.2018 2000000 CZK1 1 Ne 48 990 CZKORDER
AES Invest a.s.0622541127.06.2017 2000000 CZK0 0 Ne 58 990 CZKORDER

Important info

Ready made companies are already founded companies (e.g. a limited liability company – s.r.o., joint-stock company – a.s., etc.) that are already registered in the Commercial Register and ready to start business.

Such a company does not conduct any type of business until it is transferred to the ownership of the new owner and therefore it has no liabilities or receivables, we provide a 100% legal guarantee for such a company!

A further advantage of a shelf company is its fully paid up registered capital. Each sold company has fully paid up registered capital so the new owner does not incur any further costs.

We also offer companies which are already registered to pay VAT. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Consulting services related to the full transfer of the company (we will discuss your requirements whether they comply with current legislation or will amend them accordingly).

Drawing up the necessary company transfer documents.

Holding lengthy and demanding communication with all the necessary authorities which is unavoidable when founding a company.

Guarantee that the whole process will go smoothly and will be ensured in time.

Filing a  petition for the registration of changes in the Commercial Register and quick registration of the company the Commercial Register through a notary. 

Guarantee that all the documents and documents are drawn up properly, so the administrative process runs smoothly right up to the registration of the company in the Commercial Register.

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