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Company formation

One of our services is the offer of arranging the foundation of a company according to your specific requests. You may choose whether you would like to found a limited liability company or a joint-stock company. This service includes support throughout the whole process – starting with advice, preparation of all necessary documents, communication with authorities and quick registration in the Commercial Register through our notary. This service is not subject to the use of any other service and you are not bound by any number of founders or members of the statutory body. You will find more information regarding this service below including prices and all additional services.


Limited liability company

A Limited Liability Company is the most widely used legal form of a company in the Czech Republic, as there are over 430,000 such companies on the market. The reason for its popularity is the simplicity of its foundation and its operation.

The limited liability company is formed by shareholders who are also the owners of the company and decision makers of major company matters such as changes to the statutes, election of members of bodies, approval of the financial statements etc. The company is represented by one or more executives, who may or may not create a collective body. Executives represent the company in all matters and can hold such a position provided they are 18 years old and have a clean criminal record in accordance with the law.

Main Benefits of a Limited Liability Company:

  • low input costs
  • limited liability of the shareholders
  • wide scope for amending the memorandum of association according to your needs

In accordance with the amendment of Act No. 549/1991 Coll. on Court Fees it is now possible to found a company by a deed of foundation (1 member)/memorandum of association (several members) only under the requirements as laid down by the law, i.e. “in the simple version”, when in this case the registration of the company in the Commercial Register by the notary is exempt from the administrative fee. This is an advantageous situation above all if there is one founder and saves costs for the entire foundation process. 


The possibility of amending the memorandum of association beyond the scope of the law and, for example, so that a decision on an amendment to the memorandum of association shall be taken by the general meeting, not by an agreement of the members pursuant to Act No. 89/2012 Coll. on Business Corporations and Cooperatives which, in practice, makes it very easy to operate the company. The memorandum of association can also be amended according to specific requirements for the smooth course of its future operation. Given that we pride ourselves in providing an individual approach to each client, if you choose this possibility, we will, of course, advise you about which changes would be suitable or not in your specific case.

Joint-stock company

The joint-stock company is a form of company primarily used for larger business, offering the possibility of trading in shares on the market and thus obtaining funds from investors for your business.

It is possible to form a joint-stock company in a one tier or in two-tier structure. In the one-tier structure, the company is represented by a single statutory manager whose work is supervised by an administrative board. The administrative board may have only one member, so it is possible to set up a joint stock company without the participation of other persons. In the two-tier structure, the company is represented by the Board of Directors, which is strictly separated from the supervisory body (Supervisory Board) in this case. A member of the Board of Directors cannot also be a member of the Supervisory Board.

The minimum registered capital of the joint stock company is CZK 2,000,000. This registered capital is divided into shares that may have a certain nominal value, or they may be shares that make up the same share of the capital by their number.

Shares may take the form of registered securities (nominative shares) or unregistered shares (bearer shares). Nominative shares are in paper form, whereas bearer shares may be only in the form of book-entry securities where the written form of shares is replaced by a record kept by the Central Securities Depository. This is subject, for example, to submitting a tender for public contracts.


Main advantages of the joint-stock company:

  • anonymity of shareholders
  • limited shareholders' liability
  • broad variability in the possibility of amending rights related to shares

  • greater credibility with third parties

We will of course advise you which structure is better for you, and what further changes to the statutes would be appropriate for you, and in case of the process of book-entry shares we can arrange everything in the proper manner.



Current pricelist

Limited liability company
Service Our assistance fee Fees Virtual office
Company formation (s.r.o.) with our registered address for 3 years 1 CZK 4 700 CZK * individual Order
Company formation (s.r.o.) with our registered address for 2 years 490 CZK 4 700 CZK * individual Order
Company formation (s.r.o.) with our registered address for 1 year 1 990 CZK 4 700 CZK * individual Order
Company formation (s.r.o.) without our registered address 3 990 CZK 4 700 CZK - Order
Joint-stock company
Service Our assistance fee Fees Virtual office
Company formation (a.s.) with our registered address for 3 years 9 990 CZK 25 000 CZK * individual Order
Company formation (a.s.) with our registered address for 2 years 10 990 CZK 25 000 CZK * individual Order
Company formation (a.s.) with our registered address for 1 year 12 990 CZK 25 000 CZK * individual Order
Company formation (a.s.) without our registered address 14 990 CZK 25 000 CZK - Order

Important info

Company formation provides you a simple way how to establish your own company. The company will be established precisely as the client wishes. The client chooses the internal structure of a company and all other aspects of it and we will prepare all necessary documents for him to sign so you we can form the company for him. 

The main advantage is that you do not have to be familiar with the current law requirements. We will walk you through your questions and needs, provide you with all important information, prepare all the documents for you, negotionate with all authorities and we will also ensure an incorporation into the Commercial register via our notary.

The service INCLUDES


  1. Consulting services in the area of company formation.
  2. Preparation of all necessary documents.
  3. Communication with all necessary autothorities such as the notary, Trade office or a bank.
  4. Incorporation into the Commercial register via a notary. 
  5. Guarantee that the whole process will go smoothly and will be ensured in time.
  6. Registration of an income tax.

ADVANtages of company formatioN

  1. You will be the found of a company.
  2. You will save time and money.
  3. You will choose the internal structure and other aspects as you wish.
  4. You do not have to be familiar with the current Czech law requirements.
  5. Everything will be taken care of for you!

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